The Old Firehouse is literally the best thing about Exeter

What other uni can brag about having the inspiration for The Leaky Cauldron?

Every one of us has had an amazing Exeter night that has either started, or ended at Firehouse. It was on your Freshers’ checklist, and will always be one of the staples of your uni social life.

We all know that Firehouse pizzas are legendary. You’ll be in your room at home, it’ll be two in the morning and you’re craving one. You want  a whole Firehouse Pizza to yourself,  and you’re too far away to indulge. If Exeter leaves you with nothing else, it’ll leave you wanting more. Of Firehouse pizza. (Also the giant portions make our fave pub perfect  for dates and hangouts. Only Firehouse pizza can bring us together.)

When we’re not drunken pizza eating at two in the morning, we’re probably trying to taste every flavoured cider on the menu. Kopparberg and Bulmers are cool and all, but you try replicating Firehouse’s watermelon or elderflower or strawberry cider. It’s pretty hard because there’s literally nothing like it. We’re all doing a ‘gotta catch ’em all’ with Firehouse cider, we just don’t want to admit it to anyone else.

And of course, Firehouse hosts its famous Sunday Roasts, or at least, so I’ve been told. I’ve never actually had one, because they’re just too darn popular. They sell out pretty quickly, which can be expected, considering what a great lunch you get for less than a tenner.

But it’s not only the food that keeps us coming back. Firehouse has maybe the loveliest atmosphere of all of the pubs in Exeter. Forget any old ‘Spoons, only the Firehouse was JK Rowling’s original inspiration for the Leaky Cauldron, and us Exeter students will gladly tell you so whenever you come and visit us. The candlelight and the mellifluous sounds of live musicians, usually Exeter’s very own on weekends, the Firehouse is the perfect place to bring people when you want them to see Exeter’s quaint little character at its finest (not to mention, they have a penchant for hiring really hot bar staff, and eye candy when you’re enjoying cider hasn’t ever been proven to be a bad thing).

Whether you’re just visiting or one of the lucky ones here for three years, everyone needs to experience this place. We love you, Firehouse, even when it’s impossible to find a seat because literally everyone who is anyone knows that Firehouse is where it’s at. Thank you for satisfying our every food whim, for giving us a space that’s perfect for all of our social/pre-drinking/date/meetup/guest visit/dinner needs. It’s one that only we can say is ours, and we’ll treasure it forever.