Safer Sex Ball style guide: The Real McCoy

Don’t know what to wear yet? We’ve gone to the shops and had a look for you

With two Safer Sex Balls this year, the Carnival themed on the 7th and the Snow Ball on the 10th, we popped over to the Real McCoy on Fore Street where all ticketholders get 10% discount.

Colourful carnival

How to stand out in a barely-there outfit? Go for a pop of colour in the spirit of carnival and team a pretty basque with heels and stockings.

Left: Blue Basque (£8), Peacock Feather Headband (£30), Glass beads (£15), Stockings (various styles available – £6) Right: Basque (£8), Stockings (£6), Butterfly Feather Headband (£24).

Carnival masters

Take circus as your inspiration for the carnival ball and go for a either a ringmaster or dancer look. With top hats, whips, feathers, petticoats and tails- you can go masculine or feminine on this one!

Left: Tails (£70), Basque (£8), Doc Martin Boots (£18), Choker (£6), Stockings (£6), Whip (£3), Top Hat (£45 – £8 ones available)
Centre: Tails (£70), Cumberbund (£8), El Capitano Mask (£30), Cane (£35 – £3.50 ones available), Top Hat (£45 – £8 ones available), Brogues (£18)
Right: Feather headband (£15), Sequin Harlequin Basque (£18), Pettitcoat (£38- £13 ones available), Gloves (£20), Stockings (£6)

Are you fur real?

Don’t freeze at this years Snow Ball by mixing up white underwear with festive furry outerwear. Lads, feeling a little shy or mysterious? A traditional mask dressed up with a bow tie nods to the ball wear tradition with a sense of humour.

Left: 1960s Fur Hat (£8), Mittens (£6), Basque (£8), Fur Stole (£40), Stockings (£6)
Centre Fun fur (£30), Basque (£8), Beads (£8), Stockings (£6)
Right: Fur – (£60 – cheaper faux ones available in various sizes), Mask (£20), Bow Tie (£9), Brogues (18)

 French Revolution

Turquoise and blues also work for the Snow Ball theme. This look features adorable frilly 1960s bed jackets over sequinned basques for a sweet finish.

Left: Basque (£8), Mask (£15), 1960s Bed Jacket (£10), Short Lacey Gloves (£6.50)
Right: Basque (£8), Mask (£15), 1960s bed jacket (£10)

Snow bunnies

Can under garments turn into a ball dress? Yes. We have also embraced the chic go go dancer of the sixties with white plastic platform boots, boa and a fluffy beret.

Left: Basque (£8), Lace & Gold Mask (£15), Petticoat (£30 – £13 ones available), Paste Necklace (£22)
Right: Basque (£8), Beret (£9), Glittery Gloves (£8), Boa (£12) Boots (£45