The morning after the night before: A guide to getting it right

Just because you feel like a mess, it doesn’t mean you have to look like one

It’s 10am the next morning, you’re not sure whose bed you’re in, you certainly don’t know where you are, and you’re in last night’s clothes.


The dreaded morning after the night before can be the worst moment of your life if you’re unprepared.

The chances are you’ve got mascara running down your face, your hair is a mess and you’ve lost your money, your friends, and definitely your dignity.

How not to do it…

But if you know how to do it right, you can turn an embarrassed escape from someone’s house into a stride that anyone would be proud of.

Listen up, here is the “walk of shame kit” that you’re going to need.


The biggest give away to a your antics from the night before is the outfit.

Fancy dress is the hardest look to pull off

Girls – your fluorescent top and disco pants that looked so good on the dance floor last night don’t look as great on the high street next to the mums and kids on the school run.

That’s not to say that boys can get away with it, wearing your Ones up cardiac hill or that 80’s retro ski-outfit from a Snowsports social is a dead giveaway.

And don’t use glitter, or you’ll shine like a beacon of bad decisions walking home the morning after.

Don’t use glitter – this will give you away BIG TIME


Take a coat

At a cost of up to £2 for the cloakroom, this will be the best short-term investment you ever make.

A multitude of sins can be hidden under a jacket. If this fails, ask to borrow one/a jumper. You may even get to keep that ‘Med-soc 2k13’ hoody if you’re lucky.

Pack the essentials

Make sure you have some essential items with you just in case. These include a pack of chewing gum, some emergency money, and a CHARGED phone.
There’s nothing worse than not being able to ring your BFF on the way home when your phone has died.

Bag it up

The all important bag. The next biggest give away is the clutch. Unless you’re Kim Kardashian, the chances are this cute little bag will look out of context early in the morning, so take a small handbag instead that can double up.

Simple – from nighttime to daytime

Keep calm and carry on

Stay cool calm and collected. Just because you may have made some questionable life choices in Arena, it doesn’t mean you should be altogether ashamed.

Don’t escape and run down the road, this will draw too much attention to you. Take your time and walk briskly, if you look like you’re walking with purpose you’re more likely to give the impression that you’re going to work, not recovering from a Monday mosaic.

Walk with your head held high

…And if all else fails at least make sure you have some emergency cash so you can get a taxi home and avoid the whole ordeal altogether.