Beer Box: For richer and for pourer

We explore the Primark of the alcohol world to find out just how much The Marketplace is ripping you off

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a shandy location at the top of Blackboy Road

A ‘shandy’ location at the top of Blackboy Road

Surrounded by fragrant take-aways, and boutique bars, Beerbox is the friendly off-licence you can’t live without.

If the past term has left you with crippling financial scoliosis, this discount store is the answer you have been looking for….

Nestled by the intersection of Polsloe and Blackboy Road, Beerbox offers bottles Smirnoff’s finest mixed Vodka for a steal at only one small pound (which would be set you back £3.99 at the Marketplace).

The catalyst of all good nights out, a WKD Blue, is available 5-4-£5, but if you are feeling really crazy you taste the forbidden elixir that is “Blue One” a blue flavoured vodka mix for 79p.

Hello, is it WKD you’re looking for?

If vodka ain’t your bag, Beerbox boats on their website “[our] beers are sourced from some of the best microbreweries in the UK today,“.

We’re not sure whether they actually are from some of the best microbreweries in the UK, but who cares, they are 99p!

It’s too good to be true, right? Many of Beerbox’s wares are past their best, or as we prefer to look at it, vintage.

Dusty wine bottles boast levels of sediment that would give any Geographer palpitations.

The maturer flavours offer a new dimension to the alcho-pop

If for some obscene reason you don’t like to enjoy ethanol induced reckless abandonment, Beerbox has you covered.

For those lonely evenings in while your housemates are enjoying the high life at TP, you can gorge upon a feast fit for Adele.

While you have your feet up  watching Flog It, you can guzzle some “Eazy Popcorn”, broken biscuits or even some 2011 Haribo Starmix.

English second-year Samantha Murphy cited the retailer as being “the best discovery since I first ventured up the stairs to Top Top”.

all this cost us minus 59 pence

If you think this Mecca of budget booze couldn’t get any better, think again.

Every time you spend £8 in this glorious establishment (for which you will get you a lot of booty) you get one step closer to obtaining arguably the most iconic piece of apparel since the Tab t-shirt, a Beerbox t-shirt.

So don’t delay, hops on down to Beerbox, today.