Excited about Exeter’s live music scene? Don’t be

Have you booked your ticket to see Marcus Collins? Don’t worry, we haven’t either.

Those freshers who were led to believe that Exeter University would host big music names simply couldn’t be further from the truth.

Though the year started off promising, with the likes of Clean Bandit, Sigma and Duke Dumont, it appears all of the good acts of the year were crammed into one term, leaving the rest of the year barren of anything even resembling decent.

All we have left to look forward to are acts such as Trojan Sound System, Black Star Riders and Fozzy. And yes, we have no idea who they are either.

An actually good performer to grace the university. R.I.P decent Lemmy acts.

But of course, no one expected it to last long.

Alice Belton, English second year, said: “I think that they have had some really great events in the Great Hall, such as Bombay Bicycle Club and Clean Bandit.

“But for such a big university, where demand for music acts or DJs would be very high, it is disappointing that we don’t have a music scene like other city universities, such as Leeds or Nottingham.”

Meet Fozzy . Not as cute and fuzzy as they may sound.

Next term boasts some of the “biggest” names in the industry playing at the Lemmy.

Anybody remember Marcus Collins? No? Well for those of you who don’t, rush to buy your tickets now as the highly anticipated 2011 X-Factor reject will take to the ‘stage’ in March.

Marcus Collins playing one of his classic unoriginals.

Second year, Ollie White said: “It’s definitely not what I’d have expected.

“Given how great a reputation the uni’s got and how big a music scene there is here, you’d have thought that the uni would be able to at least identify a few rising stars (people like James Blake and Nick Mulvey) and get them to come here.”

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