It beggars belief: TWO homeless people stuck in public toilets in a week

Two homeless men have been trapped in the public toilets on The Old Tiverton Road in the last week


Over the past week the public toilets on the Old Tiverton Road have seen some nasty action.

On Wednesday an unidentified homeless man got trapped in the cubicle in the notorious public toilets near James Owen Court.

At 1pm the fire brigade were called to assist the man after he had been trapped in the toilet for over an hour.

Urine big trouble

The curse of the toilets struck once again as another homeless man was trapped inside the men’s cubicle on Thursday.

One member of the public said that the ordeal “was a disgrace” with another commenting that “Exeter council have a lot to answer for, this is so dangerous”.

The surrounding area is a hot spot for many of Exeter’s homeless residents.

With two accidents happening within a week of each other, it seems that even the sanctuary of a public loo is no longer safe.

But remember, it’s better to wee at home before you go on a night out.