The inspiration you need for Halloween

Which one will you dress as tonight?

Exeter Fashion Society has just released their first photo shoot of the year. The concept is a forbidden kingdom inside the enchanting dark forest (which also happens to be on campus).

Photographer: Charles III London
Make up: Angela Datseri, Amanda Ooi, Shumi Kadir
Director: Chi Khanh and Jennifer Caust
Wardrobe: Velveteen Emporium, Vintage Store Exeter

The Evil Twins

Dory Tothfalusi and Angela Datseri: Dresses from Vintage Store Exeter



The Hunter

Lara Olutumogun is wearing a vest from the Vintage Store Exeter and top from Velveteen.

The Warrior

Anna-Katherina “Katani” List is wearing a top from Velveteen, fur vest and necklace private.

The Dark Angel

Polina Ursul is wearing a dress from Vintage Store Exeter

The Evil Queen

Elizaveta Ivanko is wearing a headpiece (necklace) from Velveteen, dress and cape from the Vintage Store Exeter, necklace and rings are private

See video from behind the scenes here.