Listen up lads, this is what girls think you should be wearing

Clue: it doesn’t involve shorts and flip-flops. Sorry

For the sake of fairness, following our previous article, we set our fashion team to work on three brave men,  who are seeking answers to help the whole of mankind by finding out what clothes the ladies of Exeter want to see guys in.

You can thank us later.

Emre Sert, 1st year Maths with Economics Student


What would you go for?


Dory gave Emre a makeover

Dory’s favourite style on boys: Elegant (shirt, trousers and blazer)
Dory’s preferred accessories on boys: Watch, Leather belt and shoes.

Emre’s thoughts: “I like the way how these matching colours and fabrics create this gentlemen look. Perfect for a sophisticated night out, for instance in London.”

Toby Whittaker, 1st year Psychology Student



Gabriella adored this style on Toby

Gabriella’s favourite style on boys: 80-90s inspired, casual (T-shirt and jeans)
Gabriella’s preferred accessories on boys: Leather bracelets

Toby said: “I really liked the outfit because Gabriella matched clothes and accessories well, so it’s definitely a good outfit to wear out clubbing.”

Leon Poh Jin Hui, 1st year Accounting and Finance Student



This is what Venassa would fall for

Vanessa’s favourite style on boys: Smart casual (shirt, trousers with trench coat or jacket)
Vanessa’s preferred accessories on boys: Watches and special bracelets

Leon liked the set because: “It’s such a fresh look, but actually it’s a little bit different from what I usually wear for a night out.”

Surprisingly, the ladies shared the guys’ opinion on elegance.

Turns out girls would love to see boys in shirts and blazers because “it makes them more masculine”.

It might not be the most comfortable outfit for a party night but they all agree that it makes boys more attractive.

The girls also mentioned that “a stylish watch and belt always make guys’ outfits better”.

So don’t forget boys; elegance is the best way to impress on girls!

Organised by: Vanessa Ng and Dory Tothfalusi