A lot of freshers seem to quite like house music

What are the kids listening to these days?

clubbing freshers music Night Out

We don’t really know too much about this year’s crop of freshers.

Rather than just staring at them until they finish a drink, we headed out and chatted with them about what music they want to hear in clubs.

Other than the odd comment about having “good company” (and the fact they thought the Lemmy was fun), there were actually some pretty decent responses.

Chris and Alex

Chris and Alex are both from Oxford and living in Birks.

Chris is studying Psychology, while Alex is doing Business and Accounting.

Chris & Alex

Chris said: “I’m into like rock music and the alternative stuff. Arctic Monkeys, Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

“I’ve actually got tickets for Original Sin and Clique Mondays which should be good.

“I’m buzzing, can’t wait to meet new people.”

Alex said: “I tend to listen to a mixture of stuff, I like the chilled out stuff but a little bit of rap and some pop.

“As long as there is a good atmosphere it should be okay. I went to the Lemmy last night which was fun.”

Rosie, Cormac, Rob and Saskia

Rosie is a Drama student from Winchester, while Cormac, from Portsmouth, is set to study Politics.

Essex lad Rob is a historian and English and Film student Saskia comes from Crawley. All four are living in St. David’s

Rosie, Cormac, Rob & Saskia

Rob said: “I know nothing about the music scene in Exeter. I thought it was like mostly all underground, indie which is what I like really.

“If I’m going to be honest, dance music is cool because if you don’t know the words you can just turn up and still have fun”.

Rosie said: “Musicals! Yeah, I’m really into that kind of stuff.

“I don’t listen to normal music very much. I don’t really pay attention to who does what, just the odd song really.”

Saskia said: “I listen to indie and pop punk, not scary punk.

“I’m not sure what events or nights I’m going to, I’m going to see how it goes, going to be spontaneous!”

Cormac said: “I assume most of the acts playing in Exeter are shit. Are there any famous people coming? I don’t really know what’s going on to be honest.

“On a night out you listen to the good music in pre-drinks but in the clubs it’s shit.

“You still have a good time because you’re drunk.”

Joe, Robbie and Ned

Surrey boy Joe and Londoner Robbie study Sport Science and live in Birks. Point Exe Geographer Ned comes from Cornwall.

Joe, Robbie & Ned

Robbie said: “House, house. Yeah I like a bit of house mate.

“I’d say Martin Garrix is my favourite artist at the moment.”

Joe said: “Quite like how exclusive some of the acts are, I think the big acts will draw freshers in so it’s quite cool.”

Ned said: “It’s quite exciting having big names like Duke Dumont playing in Exeter.

“Especially as a fresher it’s good having a festival headliner at your student club and it’s not that expensive so it good.”

Nicole and Heather

Reading girl Nicole is studying Criminology and Sociology, while Geographer Heather is from London. Both are living in St Davids.

Heather & Nicole

Nicole said: “ To be fair I haven’t really been paying attention to the acts playing in Exeter.

“I usually listen to house music, whatever really, just good music to dance to.

“After a few drinks I’m dancing to any music.”

Heather said: “I usually listen to whatever is in the club, generally whatever is on the charts. I saw some stuff online but I didn’t know about the people who were playing.

“Tickets started getting really expensive the longer you left it, I didn’t know what to book.”

Tom, Carl and River

Biological Scientist Tom comes from Norwich, Computer Scientist Carl is from Essex, while River studies Geography. All three are living in Lafrowda.

Tom, Carl & River

Carl said: “Hmm, at the moment it’s gone more into folk. It varies so much, it goes from rap and hip hop to screamo.

“I’ve got tickets for a few events, should be good.”

River said: “Many music tastes really, mainly dubstep, drum ‘n bass.

“We’re going to Freshers Project tonight, we’re going for a laugh, it doesn’t really matter what music is like, as long as the company is good.”

Tom said: “I’m looking to find a music taste, that’s how bad my music taste is. I listen to the charts and anything that gets people going.

“I like a good beat, anything upbeat. I’m really open, I’ll listen to anything.”