Tablature Volume 5: Endor Exclusive Q&A

Something exclusive for you this week…

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My first ever Tablature article was on Tchami, I think we all know how his music has rocketed to the top in the past few months.

I wanted to see if I could find another artist who was about to do the same. I did, and not only that, he agreed to do a Q&A with me to share with the rest of you.

If any of you follow me on Soundcloud you would have seen this guy plugging up your stream constantly, it is of course…

I first listened to Endor (AKA Dan Hardingham) back in February. Since then his music has grown on me to an inordinate level.

The first track I heard was ‘Tight’, an unbelievable piece which soon became the soundtrack to my Easter term. Intrigued by ‘Tight’ I took a lengthy perusal at the rest of Endor’s offerings.

His first track was released 10 months ago, in between then and now you will find a vast array of bangers with a huge range of sounds and styles.

These start from Deep House go all the way up to Hip-House and everything in between. If you like house you’ll love Endor.

Here’s one to start you off…

And here’s what he had to share with all of you:

(A bit of credit goes to Lis Miller for a couple of the questions!)

How did it all start with Endor?

 I’d been making dubstep under the name Filthzilla for 5 years when I decided it was time to make something fresh. I was really into deep house so that’s where I decided to take it.

Who are your inspirations, if any?

I won’t bother with a name-drop because it’s all the usual guys, but I’m really feeling Kove at the moment.

 If you met someone who hadn’t heard of Endor and could give them onetrack to listen to, what would it be? If it was me it would have to be ‘Tight’.

I would give them a Skrillex track and make them listen to that instead haha, they’d probably like it more.

 Do you reckon being a dab hand on the decks helps you with girls?

I don’t need any help.

What sort of music do you spend your time listening to?

Aside from house and garage, I listen to a lot of drill. Cheif Keef, Lil Durk, etc. I guess you could say I have a really shit taste in music.

 Looks like you’re on the way to very big things, any plans for your newfoundfame?

Haha no plans as of yet, but I’ll write some up once I’ve finished waxing my yacht.

 Snog, Marry, Avoid…Vice, Cash, Girls?

I’d marry vice, because that’s kinda ironic. I’d snog girls and avoid cash. I’ve never been motivated by money. Fame is what I chase (and I don’t apologise for that). I think money is just a by-product of doing what you love.

 Where would you play your dream gig? Exeter doesn’t count obviously.

Chicago, Detroit, New York, etc. One of the meccas of house. New York might actually happen this Summer, but that’s all hush for now.

 I’ve seen you like to post teaser preview clips of tracks you’re remixing, anyhints for us on what the next banger is going to be.

I can’t give too much away just at the moment, but my next release will have an original vocal which should be interesting. It’ll definitely be a step up from the usual stuff!

The track mentioned above has since been released, ‘Tell Me I’m The One’, you’ll find it below…

Here are a few tracks I’ve selected to give a rounded feel of Endor’s sound. There are however plenty more where they came from.

The rest of them can be found here