ProTime: An Elite Sporting Community

A brand new sports community is coming to Exeter Uni…. meet PROTiME, the Motivational Lifestyle society for students promoting a healthy, active way of living while fitting in all other features of University life.


Established in September 2012 by existing medical student Daniel Olaiya and friends, the founders have created a unique network of individuals, with the aim to inspire one another to reach absolute potential. Whether it be academically, physically or socially, the society promotes overall productivity and time efficiency through all aspects of student life.

Productivity and Time efficiency – PROTiME

The ProTime team modelling their gear

Like no other sports society on campus PROTiME aim to support any student, male or female, at Exeter who desires to develop their physique and reach their potential through providing free 1to1 personal training advice, diet plans and a unique gym partner finder scheme- they’re calling it “Gym dating”. The community has pumping Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, to keep you motivated on the move. Each provides quick inspiration and advice, encouraging both interaction and image uploads from its users. PROTiME have recently launched “PROTiME Fitness”, the luxury student sports brand, retailing very affordable yet luxurious fitness wear and heavily discounted sports supplements just for students- available at

In response to requests PROTiME now sponsor high level athletes from the university, giving them the much needed support to aid them in fulfilling their potential. Among the sponsored athletes is
Ben Kosky, a second year Business Management student selected as an international greeter for Abercrombie and Fitch in Shanghai this April.

He stated “Being part of the PROTiME team puts me in a likeminded circle of extremely motivated people who push themselves to the limit in all areas. PROTiME truly has become my lifestyle”.

The newest addition to the team is Sociology student and team GB lacrosse player Lottie Van Praag, who has participated in the lacrosse World Championships.

Lottie- the newest addition to the team.

With rapid growth and expansion to other sporting universities expected, 2014 is set to be an exciting year for PROTiME. If you think you have what it takes to get involved, they are searching for athletes, unique individuals and people who want to make things happen.
Not inspired enough- watch PROTiME’s motivational video, it should do the trick.