New Theatre Could Knock Out Northcott

Plans for a rival Northcott could be on the cards for Exeter.

Campaigners have called for a £30 million theatre in Exeter city centre, and the Northcott has welcomed the people’s demands.

Created last year, The Theatre for Exeter Development Group has responded to claims that culture-loving citizens want an 850 seat theatre to compliment the existing Northcott.

Currently it is thought that 60% of the funding could be provided by Exeter City Council with other contributions being made by the Arts Council England.

Peter Goodwin, chair for the development group, said: “We would also need the consultants to advise us on whether the theatre would be a producing or receiving venue, and suggestions as to its programming, given its proximity to Plymouth and Torquay and other arts venues in the area.”

Hopefully the new theatre will be a little prettier than Northcott

A spokesperson for the Northcott responded: “Exeter is a rapidly growing regional capital city and the writers’ aspiration for the city to build a further performance space is a laudable long-term ambition for everyone who cares about the future of Exeter.”