The Tab Tries: Itchy Feet

When Itchy Feet twirled into town, the Tab were there to see what the fuss is all about

arena nightclub Exeter Itchy Feet

The idea of turning Arena (yes, that sweat-soaked monstrosity of Macarena fame) into a swinging- dancehall of the 50’s seems ridiculous.

The result, however, is one of the most enjoyable, if not exhausting nights out in Exeter.

50’s dancing = a great workout

At the relatively low price of £6 (compare this to the Prohibition Ball’s £25) you certainly get your value for money.

Men are encouraged to don their trilbies and braces, while the ladies wear flapper dresses and skater skirts – all in the name of suspending disbelief and making Itchy Feet different to every other night.

And what is it that makes Itchy Feet so different and worth braving ticket squabbles, Arena and the elements for? The music.

Those hoping for electro-swing will be sorely disappointed, but the playlist of swing, jazz and rock n’ roll breaks the monotony of Bakermat and Avicci.

The music moves from classic swings of the 50’s to ‘retrofied’ remixes of Hey Ya.

A night worth the ticket drama

Whilst it must be said that there is very little difference in both the music and atmosphere with each event, seasonal themes aside, this night is always special because you dance with people – rather then at them.

For those with bravery, talent or dutch courage, fist-pumping and moshing are forgotten, as people are thrown and spun around like the stomach of a fresher after Wednesday TP.

Looks great – until you get kicked in the face

For those who do not enjoy this kind of thing, stick around.

Towards the middle of the night a group tends to form in the middle of the dance floor where moves familiar to anyone who attends Cheesy Tuesdays can be spotted.

But – beware! – there is always the threat of being hit by a spinning girl (or boy) – like some sort of Jager-soaked dreidle.

These dangers aside, and the muscular pains you will feel for days after. This is most definitely one of Exeter’s best nights.