Local bikes need the D-Lock

Police warn cyclists of recent rise in bike theft.

bicycle bike theft

For those of us living miles away from civilisation in the likes of Mount Pleasant a bike is a great shout, not locking it up properly however, is not.

A recent rise in bike theft in and around the city centre has left local police urging cyclists to invest in more secure clamps and have their bikes registered and marked with special ink.

Securing your bike by only its tire is a total rookie error

Near the start of the year the university was heavily targeted with bikes taken from around Streatham Campus and outside accommodation blocks.

Even bikes that owners assumed were clamped safely can be stolen as heavy duty cable locks have been cut with bolt croppers, occasionally in full view of witnesses (seriously, how cheeky is that).

A police spokesman has said “Bike marking is proven to reduce the chance of your bike being stolen in the first place, and makes it much more likely to have your bike recovered should it be stolen.”

Local police are offering a free bike marking service and advising people to lock their bikes by the frame with D-locks, so make sure you use such protection before you do the walk of shame from town having lost your bike and dignity.