Sign Up to Keep Dr. Hayler at University of Exeter

The Students’ Guild are giving students the chance to help keep Dr. Matt Hayler at University of Exeter.

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With his teaching contract with the College of Humanities under question, the Students’ Guild are giving students the opportunity to sign up to a petition to keep Dr. Matt Hayler, an English lecturer in hyper-contemporary literature and theory, at University of Exeter.

Only last month, Sam North, a Senior English Lecturer, who was re-employed himself after originally being fired last year by University of Exeter, praised Dr. Hayler for his teaching methods in an English and Film Enquiries Mail to all English students.

“I’ve come to know that he is an extraordinarily gifted teacher,” North said, “with ideas and practices that I believe are important for us to gather up for our own use.”

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Dr. Matt Hayler. Source:

Following the release of the petition by the Students’ Guild, Dr. Hayler’s students and tutees have been quick to voice their support.

“Having had Matt as tutor for nearly three years,” says Sophie Ritchie, a third year English Literature undergraduate, “I can strongly say he is not only an excellent source of support for academic questions but also highly approachable.

“His advice on balancing curricular and extra-curricular activities has been great, especially for my final year. He clearly wants the best for his students and it would be truly sad to see this go unrecognised.”

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Dr. Matt Hayler. Source:

In response to the student-led petition, Dr. Hayler says he has been “humbled by the whole thing, and if it contributes to my being able to stay at Exeter then I’m beyond grateful.

“I can only promise that if I do get to stay then I’ll continue to teach the things that I’m passionate about and to encourage students to explore the texts and textual technologies of their time,” he concluded, “and I’ll do my best to teach it in an as accessible and interesting a way as I can.”

To sign up to the petition to keep Dr. Hayler at University of Exeter, click on the image below:

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