Can you beat this bolt?

For health and safety purposes, just remember to EG.

Bolt the tab the tab exeter

When it comes to bolting, do you back yourself as a sub 10-second sprinter or, at the other end of the seeing-it-off spectrum, a mortgage bolter?

If you consider yourself to be the latter, listen up: The Tab has started its own widespread search for the quickest bolt among current students.

Currently, we’re backing one of our own, Xander Seddon (above), as the heavyweight bolter around campus with a 3.4 second bolt.

However, if you think you can beat Xander, upload your video to YouTube and, once that’s done, send it into [email protected]

Though you’ll probably do the right thing, you obviously don’t have to consume an alcoholic beverage. Simply see off a pint of liquid substance and, sometime soon, we’ll publish the top five fastest on The Tab.