Top 10 Savvy Student Tips To Save

The Tab are here with some helpful hints on how to save money to get you through this term!

It’s getting to that time of term when asking for a loan from the bank of parent isn’t an option and you’re not quite desperate enough to become a life model. Never fear! The Tab are here with some helpful hints on how to save money to get you through the term!


1. Location, Location

Pre-drink at friend’s who live near clubs – it’s less far to pick up stuff. You can mid- and post-lash there if you feel the need, avoid cloakroom costs and maybe even stop off on the way back for some cheeky drunken snacks. They’ll be too wasted to remember that third slice of toast you had!


2. Free Shot?

The cheapest nights might not always be the ones clubs advertise. Friday nights there are generally £1 entry to Arena and Mosaic (and a free shot.) Also make sure you get in before the entry price rockets up or buy tickets in advance. Yes, it might be ridiculously empty inside but that extra £2 you saved could buy you some much needed groceries later. Or just another vodka kick…


3. Scrounge

Start off with the easy bits. “Borrow” ketchup sachets were you can (be subtle.) Soon you could find yourself building a whole FREE collection of milk, sugar, napkins, toilet roll…

Same with catered halls. You’ve paid for it, why not? You can assemble your lunch just from breakfast extras.


4. Budget

Reassess you budget. Costs will have come up that you weren’t expecting.

Think what money you have and what you need it for– train tickets home? Christmas presents? That AMAZING pair of shoes for the Christmas ball? Leave your card at home. Plan how much cash you can spend per week. When you’ve spent that, you’re out. Harsh but effective.


5. Shopping is not the Answer!

Enjoy the buying, but not the wearing. Buy it, feel good, return it. (Don’t wear it first, kinda gross.)

Get creative. Use the haberdashery and fabric shops in Exeter. You can revamp your clothes pretty cheaply and end up with something unique. Plus it’s great procrastination.


6. You Can’t Afford Waitrose

Sainsbury’s Basics and Tesco Everyday are your friends. If you can, avoid brands, take the cheaper option, although treat here and there shouldn’t break the bank. Buying in bulk might prove cheaper in the long run, especially if you can freeze food. Same with booze. Team up, buy a crateful and spend less in the long run.


7. Friend Love

Visit your friends. A cup of tea? Slice of cake? Sure! Oh I happen to have my phone charger, couldn’t possibly steal some electricity could I? Staying for dinner every night might be a bit of a stretch though…


8. Mi Casa?

House parties and staying in is severely underrated. BYOB and chill with your mates. It’s cheaper than a night out plus you might actually be able to talk to people.  Plus there’s no nasty Arena cash machine that charges… Those £1.75’s add up.



9. Not All About the Music

If you’re a music fiend it might be worth abandoning iTunes. Spotify unlimited has discounts for students, plus they have a months trial pretty often. If Youtube doesn’t cut it you could re-embrace the radio. Yes! It’s still running!



10. Promo Points

Loads of places offer points cards. It might not be a quick solution but vouchers and deals later on are a godsend. Bare in mind all the deals that are available to you. The major supermarkets always have deals on, look out where’s cheaper and when the offers expire. Remember to look at the smaller shops, they can work out cheaper in the end especially for fruit, veg and meat!