Anyone for a Game of Hide and Seek?

Grace Kelly looks into the weird and wonderful world of societies at Exeter.

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During Freshers’ Week the majority of us are drunk, hungover or asleep but come the weekend, we drag ourselves out of bed and hit the Freshers’ Fair. For many of you it was probably a blur of too many people in one place, loud music (not helping the hangover) and being tired of walking around trying to be convinced to join a million different societies.

Although at the time you might have been a bit dazed, there are several, more eccentric societies that would stand out to any of us, no matter how tired we are:


Tolkien Society

This society is quite self-explanatory; it was set up as a society to appreciate J.R.R Tolkien. I am not entirely sure what would happen at their socials or quite how the society attempts to appreciate Tolkien. But for those of you who are fanatic fans of ‘The Lord of the Rings’, this may be the society for you!


Circus Society

They pose us the question – ‘Have you ever thought to yourself “Boy, I wish I could balance a burning stick on my chin whilst standing on a balance board and juggling chainsaws”?’ If the answer is yes, then this is obviously the society for you! Often seen juggling and Diablo-ing around campus, this society shows off the sometimes under-appreciated talents of some of our students. Fire breathing anyone?


Hide and Seek Society

Instead of joining any of the AU societies, Hide and Seek society might seem like a fun alternative to sports. They not only play hide and seek but also ‘Stuck In The Mud’ and other fun games you might remember from the days on the playground at primary school! It might not be a society that you could brag about on your CV, but it’s definitely something different!


Disney Society

This society is described as an appreciation for Disney through “songs and merriment!” I think it is easy to say that there are quite a few of us out there that love Disney and are not afraid to admit it. If you are a particular lover of Disney songs there is even a choice of auditioning for the Disney a cappella group! Embrace the nostalgia!


Harry Potter Society

Again, another society formed to display a great appreciation for everything and anything Harry Potter. Their socials include dressing up as, surprise surprise, any Harry Potter character. So if you see a group of witches or wizards dancing in Arena, then you know which social it is!


Change-Ringing Society

This society is a little more off the wall. It is formed for lovers of bell ringing and advertises itself by claiming, “Bell ringing is great exercise, a good mental challenge and most importantly of all, FUN!” Alternative, interesting and a reasonable substitute for the gym? What more can you ask for?