One Night In Hamburg…

As the winter nights are drawing in, Ashley Jamali looks back fondly (well maybe not too fondly) to his summer travels.

When looking for a night out in Germany many would look over Hamburg in favour of Berlin: my advice is don’t.

If choosing to have a night stopover in Hamburg was the first thing we got right in my travels the second would be the choice of hostel. For any of you planning a trip to Hamburg I recommend the Meininger. The next was choosing where to hit on our night out in Hamburg’s seedy Reeperbahn strip which, to quote Rococos, was “a good night out”.

The night started with a trip to the local supermarket and at €5 a bottle, even the foulest tasting vodka is drinkable. So why not bring home ten bottles? Unlike in Exeter, where the night dies after 2:00 am, in Hamburg the night was born at said hour.

Hamburg Nightlife

What followed was an accidental trip to a brothel as we stumbled in looking for a toilet. We then had a surreal experience in Pearls strip club; watching friends freaking out about being in a strip club was far more entertaining than the actual women. My friend’s breakdown resulting from a high level of alcohol consumption mixed with the shame of being in a strip club turned him into a stumbling weeping man child. After this failed attempt at being lads on tour, our group found a quiet little sports bar, watched every goal ever scored by Hamburg and hung our heads in shame.

The night ended where all Saturday nights in Hamburg should end, at the Fish market at 8:00 am. You can get a cup of tea, sit on the bank of the river, look out over the port and wish you were in Liverpool. The ‘night’ ended by crawling into bed at 9:00 am.

Danke schone Hamburg!