She tweets when she wants

@TopshamPolice back online after Guild’s complaints

PCSO Twitter twitter ban

The PCSO banned from Twitter after tweets about Exeter students is back online after a meeting with her supervisor.

PCSO Sarah Giles, who had tweeted about the “mayhem” of Freshers’ week, sparked complaints from Exeter Students’ Guild.

In a statement, the Guild said: “We recently put forward concerns that the tone and content of some tweets from the @TopshamPolice Twitter account were not reflective of the views of the rest of the local Police.”

Giles was then told to stop tweeting.

However, after a “supportive and understanding” discussion, the account is back online.

The PCSO joked that she could “start boring you to tears about fowl play by geese on the estuary again! Whoopppeee!!”

A Devon and Cornwall Police statement said: “Occasionally staff and officers may need some guidance on how to use [Twitter]. We will continue to use this exciting medium.”