Fresh Impressions

Vanessa Tracey on her first impressions of Exeter as a fresher.

After only four days on campus, the feelings of uneasiness and home sickness are slowly ebbing away and life in Exeter already seems familiar. Familiar meaning that I can finally find my way around the campus without getting lost!

From the hive of activity in the Forum to the serene reed pond, Exeter seems to have found the perfect balance between animation and relaxation. I can’t wait to brag about the campus to my friends back at home, although I’m not sure they’ll be so impressed with the hills!

I seem to have been really fortunate with my flat mates but I’m finding it difficult to keep track with the people I’ve met. The random names in my Contacts List only bring visions of blurred faces, half of which I probably won’t see again. But it’s really enjoyable to try and present yourself in an interesting way, mingle with strangers and go out every night with no intention of returning home early or sober.

The societies all seem really inviting; although the amount of flyers piling up in the bottom of my bag demonstrates that I won’t be doing archery or karate any time soon. My diary is crammed with taster sessions and introductory lectures, as the ‘try everything for free food’ initiative is clearly very effective – especially for those who are self- catered or on a budget!

The books that have been pushed to one side need to come out soon, but at the moment I’m just making the most of this new lifestyle. Based on my fresh impressions, I’ve definitely made the right choice in coming to Exeter and hope there are many happy years to come!