Fury as MyExeter fails…again

Angry students have been left unable to pay accommodation fees and read their emails as the new MyExeter flops

Angry students have been left unable to pay accommodation fees and read their emails as the new MyExeter continues to fail.

The portal has broken down repeatedly since it was launched with a new design over the summer.

The IT department says only “a minority of users” are having problems but there was an outpouring of anger across Exeter this week as the term began.

Dan Hartley, a third year Drama, said: “Exeter University are opting for style over substance, the new MyExeter just means it will look pretty when it’s not working. Again. Please just implement a system that works, I don’t give a fuck if Barney designs it.”

Cameron Milne, a third year English student said: “The new and improved MyExeter: now making it even harder to find what you want.”

Others tweeted their frustration. Alex Goosey wrote: “Literally Exeter IT department, your only job is to keep MyExeter and ELE up and running, why are you so bad at doing so?! #sortitout”.

Beautiful…when it works

Charlotte Wallis described it simply as a “piece of shit”.

Without MyExeter, many students cannot access their email, reading lists or student records.

Kiah Shabka was left unable to pay her accommodation fees, while Jessica Price tweeted: “Trying to be productive and do seminar reading for next week, but myexeter is insisting on failing on me!”

You can access your email and other services directly by visiting myexeterisdown.com

The problems began in August, when the IT department first admitted to “seeing issues” with the redesigned site.

Since then, they have repeatedly claimed MyExeter is fixed, but then admit there are issues when students say the site is still broken.

A list of potential fixes is available on the IT website here.