Spotlight: Mama Stones

Jess Phillips takes a closer look at one of the stalwarts of the Exeter live scene.

mama stones

As a fresher, I didn’t have the foggiest where to go out when I arrived. No-one wants to end up in Rococos on a Monday surrounded by people double their age in tracksuits, throwing VKs at the walls. But after a while it’s hard not to get bored of blue shirts and chinos in Timepiece, or getting a stiletto in the toe in Mosaic. So I found myself spending every Tuesday in Mama Stones with the Original Sin Team. Finally, a chance to sit down and enjoy a drink without having to pour it all down my front or drink it out of an over-worn pair of Vans. If the comfy sofas and chilled vibe doesn’t tempt you, then surely the possibility of free curry and shisha is the decision maker. I can assure you it beats cheesy chips.

I spoke to the girl behind the scenes, Becca Mably, who told me about the exciting things coming up this term. “The best thing about it is that it’s all about good music. We’re always looking for new student acts and up and coming bands from around the country. We hope to see as many of you as possible coming in soon”. With some incredible acts already gracing the stage last term, such as Will and the People and Alt-J, there is a lot to look forward to over the next few weeks. “We’re thrilled to have the band, Two Spot Gobi, coming in on Valentines Day, and Brother and Bones later on in the month”.

So if you’d rather not spend Valentine’s evening crying into a pillow, why not come down to Mama Stones and drink away your sorrows to the sound of something slightly more sympathetic than drum’n’bass.