Edinburgh BNOC of the Year 2022: The FINAL Round

This is the final round of voting before we crown a winner!

Round four, who’s going to get the highest score? It’s time! After three rounds of voting, we have our three finalists – but only one can be the BNOC of the year.

This is your final chance to vote –  after this we will announce our BNOC of the year, so make sure you’ve got your eyes peeled for our final BNOC story on Instagram and keep refreshing The Tab Edinburgh’s page!

So, without further ado, here are your finalists:


The winner from round one was the heartthrob of our matchmaking Mondays – Hugo Oglina. 

When asked about why he should win, Hugo gave us this response: “reason why I should be worthy as I’m a minority group of 5’11 individuals and we need more representatives for the promotion short kings and that there’s still a place for us just because we don’t have that number”. He makes a strong case.

But is winning over every girl in Edinburgh enough? Your final vote could be the thing that determines this. Make sure to vote twice: once here and again via our Instagram!


We love a religious underdog – no, not Jesus, we mean his uncanny lookalike, Jacca Robertson. Having done so much the Edi Uni, we think Jacca deserves some love and appreciation.

Get on his religious good side by casting him one final vote!


Artsy, funny, cool and well-known, Holly Evans is everything a typical BNOC is.

As her final BNOC words, Holly told us: “I think I deserve to win because I’ve done a lot this year for students and would be nice to have something in return! I worked my butt off as President organising crazy fun events for people and put together film screenings and a ball. Behind the scenes I have been a very busy bee!”. Indeed you have Holly, indeed you have…

We’re pretty sure Holly is the favourite to win. But we could still be wrong – make sure you vote below if you think Holly is the BNOCiest of them all.

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