Edinburgh BNOC of the Year: Round three

Whoever wins this round will join two others in the final next week!

Round 3, who’s it going to be? Well, once again it’s up to you. Voting time flies when it’s such an important matter, doesn’t it? Let’s just say we’ve saved the best for last.

This is our last lot of BNOCs, after this, we’ll count the votes and find the most successful nominee from each of our three rounds. From them, you can vote for the BNOCiest of BNOCs – whew, wow that is a lot of BNOC.

Remember, you can vote on our Instagram! What exactly is the prize? We’ll get to that in the final article, the epic conclusion let’s say, so you’ll have to stay tuned. Just make sure you follow our Instagram so you don’t miss any updates or voting periods! 

So, here is your last batch of BNOCs.

Holly Evans, fourth Year, History of Art

We have christened this BNOC nominee with the name Holly “The Delay” Evans because she has achieved what many consider the impossible: delaying her dissertation deadline by a whole year.

Holly is also known for her commitment to costume parties, as we should expect from an art student, saying that “I always go hard on the outfit”. She is also president of the Filmmaking Society here at Edi,  AS WELL AS social secretary for the basketball club (who does this girl do it I have two things to do and I implode?).  So if you don’t recognise her it’s definitely because she was in costume.

Holly also managed to get a premiere of a film screened at the ECA within three weeks for the artist Richard Demarco –  the work of a true BNOC and also genius.

If this busy-bee of a BNOC has caught your eye, vote below or on our Insta!

Henry Gilham, second year, Philosophy

Yet another second year philosophy student who has been nominated – what are they teaching in philosophy lectures this year? Did Aristotle write a paper entitled “What truly is a BNOC” or am I missing something?

Henry has made the bold claim that he has “spent more time in Hive than in his own flat” – is that a flex or a serious condition? You decide if this is BNOC material or a cause for concern.

He is also another humble contender, telling The Tab Edinburgh “confused but honoured to be nominated”.

Vote for Henry below!

Kiki Galloway, second year, English Literature and Spanish

Kiki is supposedly a regular at Gari’s (aren’t we all?) but is far more famous for her antics at anther club: she had what she described as “an unfortunate head-splitting incident”, which earned her the nickname “Mr. Bump” among her friends. Well, I’m sure some of us have done far worse things at WhyNot… right?

She also mentioned that she was involved in an “infamous duvet incident in pollock” – apparently if you know, you know. Someone send us a tip about what this is because we’re dying to find out what this is.

She also says that people tend to forget that she has a degree, spending more time in coffee shops than in lectures.

So there you have it – all of our BNOC nominees for this year. Remember, we still have or BNOC king/queen to crown, so the finalists of the finalists will be posted very shortly, so keep those BNOC eyes peeled…

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