SubmittED: a round-up of Edi students’ vibiest dissertation submission pictures

No diss-asters in sight!

You’ve spent an age on the fourth floor, consumed a worrying amount of coffee, and had more breakdowns than the lifts in the Chrystall MacMillan Building. But finally, you’ve finished and submitted your dissertation – happy days.

The sense of achievement, relief, and excitement is overwhelming. However this is not because you’ve reached the academic pinnacle of your degree, it’s because you can now get your diss pics – the true highlight of your four years at Edi. Grab a printed copy of your diss, a trusted friend to be your photographer, and take to the many gorgeous locations around campus for some truly vibey pics.

And countless Edi students have done exactly this. Here are 14 of the vibiest dissertation submission pictures this year:

Gillian (Sport and Recreation Management)

Dropping 10,000 words like it’s hot.

Claire (Digital Media and Interaction Design, Napier)

The pose, the ‘fit, the colour scheme – 10/10! It’s impressive to get a diss pic this vibey on a very un-vibey campus.

Nayna (Economics)

Edinburgh’s own queen of the ‘gram set the bar high with this one. A blooming marvellous picture.

Rachel (Philosophy), Callum (Economics), and Habeeb (Geography and Economics)

Friends that Harvard reference together stay together x

Yasmin (International Relations)

Commemorating spending more time in Teviot Library Bar than the actual library this year.

Hebe (Linguistics and English Language)

Gorgeous, gorgeous girls write dissertations about Brexit – apparently…

Marina (International Relations)

Recreating your diss pics in Animal Crossing, iconic stuff! A true homage to procrastination.

Nic (Law)

Alexa, play Telephone by Lady Gaga and Beyoncé.

Ellie (Religious Studies)

Spicing up New College!

Fiona (Fine Art)

Disneyland? More like Diss-neyland.

Alex (Medicine Intercalation in Literature and Medicine)

I’m not sure Bobby can read, bestie…

Grace (Biomedical Sciences)

Taking your diss pics in Hive is peak Edi student behaviour. Because who needs champagne to celebrate when you’ve got a blue VK.

Shannon (Politics), Mackenzie (International Relations and International Law), and Nala

Nala will be graduating with a first this summer in being the goodest girl in all of Edinburgh.

Sophie (Sociology and Politics)

Dopamine dressing meets dark academia.

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