Clubbers of the Week reading week edition: More dance floor than fourth floor

Midterms? I don’t even know her!

For those of us who didn’t jet off to Spain or head back home for the week off, reading week meant an excuse to go out every night. After all, with no seminar early the next morning, why shouldn’t you? 

Sure, it might be called “reading” week, but Edi students were too busy clubbing in droves to open their books, here’s the proof!

Stunner of the Week


She’s having the time of her life

Runners Up

Dare I say the next Spice Girls?

She was born ready

See we have seen two pretty best friends

I’m obsessed with each of their outfits

Creeper of the Week


Is this his first time seeing a camera?

Runners Up

I don’t think that’s the vibe they were going for…

At least you could probably crop him out tbh

Embodiment of the side-eye emoji

Just smile and nod guys..

Third-Wheel of the Week


Even I feel excluded

Runners Up

Yeah I don’t think the hat is going to win her over

Thumbs up if you’re third wheeling!

Sorry bro I think you’re ruining their moment

The moment you realise it wasn’t supposed to be a group pic

Wanker of the Week


Is he waving? Is he going for a high five? Either way I’m scared

Runners Up

I feel like he is about to quote Elon Musk

Uh guys, this isn’t the Musselburgh Races

Button up your shirt mate, this isn’t Miami beach

Should I be worried?

Hero of the Week


If you can work at Hive and still be this happy, you’re braver than the marines

Runners Up

I feel like he’s about to ask me to vote for him in the next election, but I’m intrigued

Oui oui baguette.

He is the main character

Not a frown in sight

Heroine of the Week


She was defo stopping her friend from texting her ex

Runners Up

When she buys you a drink

Idk what’s going on but I fully support her

I just know she wins every argument

WTFs of the Week


Alright, whose dads are at hive

Runners Up

Feel like I’m watching Predator vs. Prey right now

Guess those three didn’t get the cowboy hat memo

Honestly, this is all one big WTF

Careful don’t hurt yourself there x

Mutant of the Week


Never before seen this big contrast of emotions in one picture

Runners Up

He’s just in a silly goofy mood

The club is probably not the best place for a deep convo guys..

You okay there mate?

I’m scared

Album Covers of the Week


This is how we all think we look at the club

Runners Up

Perf for a sentimental love song

One Direction who?

I feel like there’s a metaphor in this somewhere

An up-and-coming girl group

Unhappy Clubbers of the Week


He defo agreed to just pres

Runners Up

Raise your hand if you want to go home

She’s probably wondering how she got to Hive

Not sure Why Not is the best nap spot

I feel like both of them don’t want to be there

Best of the Rest

Do you guys know him?

Congrats hun x

They look like you just asked them why we can’t just print more money

Raise your hand if you have a midterm due

Showing off some interpretive dance moves?

Mid-club photoshoot

I feel like I’d have trouble telling them apart

I want to know what song was playing

There’s a lot to unpack here

When you realise you forgot to take your banana bread out of the oven

Photo Credits:

Kealan Bond (Flare Monday and Love Wednesday)

David Stewart (Tamagotchi Tuesday)

Thomas Michael (Hive)