This quiz will determine exactly where you should live in second year

Spoiler alert: If you’re shopping at M&S, then New Town may be the place for you

It’s no secret that Edinburgh is full of stereotypes, and, rather unsurprisingly therefore, the place you choose to live in in second year is a formative decision that has a big impact on how you’re perceived. Not only does it simply someone about how close you want to be to the library, the clubs or the uni gym (basically where your priorities in life lie), but you can almost certainly guess someone’s fashion sense, music taste and degree purely based upon their Edi postcode.

Forget basing all of your flat viewings on what you see on Rightmove, where you do your weekly food shop and your favourite drink at pre’s unknowingly actually says a lot more about the area of Edinburgh you’d be best suited to / accepted in (not to mention the power that deceptive Rightmove pictures can hold). 

It’s also unfortunately no secret that flat hunting in Edinburgh is quite frankly something out of a horror movie. From the anxiety inducing and competitive hunger games esque vibes of a flat viewing to the heart wrenching experience of rejection when you finally think you’ve found the one (pain genuinely worse than a break up), we all aged at least 10 years in our first round of flat hunting as first years.

So, with the time quickly approaching in which freshers need to start the lengthy and exhaustive process of flat hunting for an overpriced and rodent infested flat, now’s the time to take this completely accurate and scientific test to find out which area you’d be best suited to and save yourself from any more potential heartbreak.

Or, if you’re a well-established second, third or fourth year, why not put your initial judgements to the test and find out if you’ve really been living in your ideal location all this time (or instead bravely going against the archaic location stereotypes).


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