Trivia quiz: How well do you remember these iconic Edi moments?

Do you know your Appleton Towers from your Pear Trees?

Both the city and University of Edinburgh are packed full of history and culture. And no, we are not talking about Burke and Hare, the great philosophers of the Scottish Enlightenment, or the scores of poets and writers that have taken inspiration from their gorgeous surroundings.

Instead, we mean the dozens of iconic and meme-worthy moments that have made you laugh during your time here at Edinburgh Uni. Because sure, you will remember all the fun times you’ve had in your four years at Edi, but you will almost certainly never be able to stop quoting the Pollock TV video at any given moment (and trust us, we really have).

Every time you walk across George Square, you’re rubbing shoulders with champion bakers, that girl who took a dump in a club, and people who pluck pheasants in the courtyards of freshers’ halls. Stick that in your prospectus, Edinburgh Uni!

If you religiously read The Edinburgh Tab, tag all your pals in the latest hilarious Edifess post, or still remember Edimeme (gone but not forgotten) then this fun trivia quiz is for you.

So, brush up on your BNOCs, revise those random EUSA referendums, and memorise that Milk Tuesday meme. Because forget getting a first or a 2.1, this is the true test of your time at Edinburgh uni. Take this trivia quiz to find out how well you remember these iconic Edi moments.

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