The return of Edinburgh Clubbers of the Week: Week Two

Freshers’ Week is long gone – time to focus on uni work, right? Right guys?

The first week back on campus is over, although it doesn’t seem like much studying has been going on. The excitement from Freshers’ Week certainly has not died down, with huge queues spotted along the Cowgate this week, and plenty of great pictures to capture how little uni work everyone’s doing.

Have a scroll and see if you can spot yourself or anyone you know, be sure to tag them in our comments!

Stunner of the Week


Good vibes all round

Runners up

Molly Mae, but make it Scottish

Two cute girlypops

Peace and pout babe

I don’t know who’s better looking, the guy covered in paint or the girl that’s fighting for her life on the bottom left

Most stunning babe to ever be seen in Subway, love the jacket hun xoxo

Creeper of the Week


Odds on this guy is quoting Joe Rogan to this group of poor, helpless girls

Runners up

This lad looks like he’s having the time of his life

Why is this guy’s face so adorable?

Two pretty best friends in the back

SO rude of this man to ruin these girlies photo, not vibes

Third Wheel of the Week


This guy seems like a twat

Runners Up

Smiling through the pain

I’m not quite sure who exactly is the third wheel in this pic, but it’s someone…

Wanker of the Week


Don’t be giving the camera man this energy

Runners Up

This guy looks like he’s about to ruin some poor girl’s night…

Stop with the bottles I beg – deffo maxed out the Monzo for those

Hero of the Week


Shoutout to the Tamagotchi staff for not calling in sick on neon paint night

Runners Up

Excellent energy from thumbs up guy

These are the coolest men I have ever seen in Rascals

Heroine of the Week


It’s like looking at a Renaissance painting

Runners Up

I can just tell this girl is helping secure his pull for the night

A true girlboss moment, I hope this queen finished her shot

Bit cheeky

Put your hands in the air if you slept through all your week 1 tutorials!

WTF of the Week


Primary school disco vibes

Runners Up

Must be quite hard to find Han Solo when he’s covered in neon paint

Boys supporting boys


Goggles in the club? I can get behind that

Mutant of the Week


In a silly, goofy mood clearly

Runners Up

Ah, the classic lean back in the club neck melt

Cheeky tongue action

These girls have managed to look beautiful despite what appears to be an alien creature trying to climb over them

Album covers of the Week


The four horsemen of the apocalypse

Runners Up

Drake would use this if he could

ABBA, but make them wear peachyden jumpsuits

It’s giving indie band album cover vibes

Super cool chicks

Unhappy Clubbers of the Week


Clearly misses Juju’s

Runners Up

Sad about the environment because of how many straws he took 🙁








A look of horror…

Shoutout to all the annoyed DJs this week

Best of the Rest

Obviously this girl has recovered from whatever terrified her so much earlier ^^^

OMG you have paint on you?! Me too!!

Full of excitement

Point to where your will to live has gone

Did kinky disco buy their decorations from Poundland?

Omg rah when the DJ drops the duttiest choon

Tweed in the club? Very Edi

One of their dads paid for that sparkler, I hope he’s proud

Three pretty best friends

Are they in love or on are they trollied? Who knows

Imagine how much Covid got on the pen they used at Rascals this thursday… ew

Photography credits

Neil Stewart (Tamagotchi Tuesday)

David Stewart (Slice Saturday)

James Gourlay (Ice Wednesday, Distrikt Monday, Rascals)

Ben Glasgow  (Kinky Disco @ La Belle Angelle)

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