Final year students tell us about their accidental last night out in Edinburgh

It gets even more tragic than Hive

It’s officially that time of year again when final years are handing in their dissertations and saying goodbye to their days at Edinburgh.

To make an already emotional time even worse, they’re having to leave without one last club night to remember. Not even a Big Cheese.

We asked final year students over on The Tab Edinburgh Instagram what their accidental last night out was before Covid, and honestly it’s more tragic than you ever could’ve thought.

“Dressed as a lobster in Atik”

Pictures or it didn’t happen.

“Stormzy night at Bourbon, left at 2:00 am only for my pull to instantly pass out in my bed”

I think somebody got a bit too big for their boots.

“Subway! Ended in a long night at A&E after my drunk friend injured themselves whilst piggybacking”

At least you went out with a bang.

“Three girls going to a strip club just because we were curious”

After all, university is the time to explore your intellectual curiosity.

“It was a Disney themed flat party, and I ended up crying on my way home in torrential rain”

It doesn’t get better than the happiest place on Earth right?

“Got locked in the loos at Sneaky Pete’s”

Some say you can still hear the faint banging and cries for help on Cowgate.

“Miserable Bongo where I went with my friend and her fiancé, and he kept flirting with me”

Please tell me they called off the engagement.

“It was my frat boy themed birthday where I got kicked out of Garibaldi’s”

Truly sticking to the theme, well done.

“The Liquid Rooms, where I caught coronavirus”

Honestly, I’m not surprised. 

“Gari’s in a ball gown after Law Ball”

Does it get more elegant than Garibaldi’s?

“Paddy’s day… all day mad one in the pubs, hardly anyone else was out”

We love a quiet night out x

“The guy I was dating asked me to be his girlfriend, then we slept together and I realised I did not want to be his girlfriend”


“A divine night swigging cocktails in the fine establishment called Hive”

What’s a bigger achievement, finishing your diss or completing Hive-till-Five? I think we all know the answer.

“Big Cheese, bought twenty VKs and spewed in my bed”

If that doesn’t sum up your years at Edinburgh, I don’t know what will.

“I literally can’t remember”

A big mood.

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