Here are Edi’s best dissertation submission pictures from 2021

Let’s be honest, diss pics are the only thing that make your degree worth it

There’s no doubt that whilst the pandemic has sucked for everyone, final year students have been hit particularly hard. They’ve suffered through four years of hard work and dedication, with not even a McEwan Hall graduation ceremony or final Hive club night to show for it.

But even though graduation has been cancelled this summer (although this is currently being reviewed), nothing can come between Edinburgh final years and getting a dissertation picture that just about makes the past four years worth it.

Unlike last year when most people had to take their diss pics at home rather than in Edinburgh, Edi’s 2021 graduates are able to actually go around campus to take their snaps. And honestly, they’re magnificent.

Here’s a collection of some of the best diss submission pictures we received over on The Tab Edinburgh’s Instagram:



What better way to celebrate finishing your dissertation than by burning it. I hope you made copies though.



That must be the fanciest cover page I’ve ever seen. It just screams class (and hopefully first class too).



There’s nothing better than sharing the joy of handing in your dissertation with the people who helped you get through it. As they say, it takes a (student) village.



Pouting is not only acceptable, but actually encouraged, when taking diss pics. You earned it.



Everyone bow down to the high and mighty finished dissertation. There’s nothing more sacred.



That smile says it all. Freedom really does taste sweet.



And finally, this is what happens when you change course back in second year, and now you’re feeling left out because all your mates are posting their diss pics. Don’t worry, just one more year to go!

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