It’s blooming gorgeous: Here’s a round up of Edi looking beaut this spring

Cherry blossom season is the best season

We’ve had the colourful autumn leaves and the pure winter snow, but now it’s finally time to share your spring cherry blossom pics.

We asked you over on The Tab Edinburgh’s Instagram to send us your best spring snaps of Edi, and they’re absolutely stunning.

Here are our favourites that definitively prove spring is the best season in this city.

One word: luscious


This might be the best the castle has ever looked


Spring showers make me actually like the rain


They could hang this in the Louvre


If this isn’t the perfect picnic setting I don’t know what is


That’s the best gate I’ve ever seen


Those colours though


When your jeans match the blossoms


Edinburgh is pretty in pink


The detail is stunning


You can’t call yourself an Edi student unless you’ve had a cherry blossom photo shoot


Aesthetic or what


The Meadows has never looked better


It’s like pastel pink snow


This is 100 per cent postcard worthy


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