Best be-leaf it: Here’s a round up of Edi looking incredible this autumn

We really do live in the prettiest city in the UK

Let’s not lie, us Edi students get to live in the prettiest UK city. People might go on about the grandeur of Oxbridge colleges or the pretty cobbled streets of Durham, but Edinburgh wins hands down with our historical buildings, leafy parks and rolling hills.

But what makes the most beautiful city even more beautiful? When the leaves change colour and the whole of Edinburgh finds itself shrouded in a golden glow.

We asked you to send us your best Autumn 2020 Edinburgh snaps over on Instagram, and here are our favourites that capture the pure beauty of the autumn season in our beloved city.

Cambridge just left the chat.

A stunning golden glow

Whilst we might hate that it gets dark at 17:00 now, at least we have the beauty of a low sun hitting just the right spots to make up for it.


Oh Edinburgh, you beauty.


That golden glow.


Golden hour really hits different.


The Meadows are more photogenic than I’ll ever be.



Vibrant autumn leaves

Just when you thought The Meadows and Princes Street Gardens couldn’t get any prettier, all the leaves went and turned beautiful shades of red, orange and yellow.


Try and spot me taking pics.


Oh so picturesque.


Uni has never looked more beautiful.


Is that National Geographic on the phone?


They look so CRUNCHY.


Peng out of ten.

Beautiful autumnal skies

Sunsets and sunrises are definitely at their finest in the Autumn, and even during the day those Edinburgh skies look stunning.


The sky really does do bits.




It looks like a painting.


New screensaver check.


Edinburgh, you have my heart.

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