Do you believe in love? Here’s Edinburgh Goes Dating round seven

Another one??

It hasn’t even been two weeks, and we’re already back with yet another round of Edinburgh Goes Dating.

Last time, we saw a record number of successful dates, with all but one couple wanting a second date afterward. Is it an effective dating service? Or have people just gotten really desperate?

Let’s see if our next round of couples are feeling the love or just a missed (Wi-Fi) connection.

Kibibi, fourth year English Literature and Toby, PhD in Theoretical Physics

Kibibi loves singing and is looking for someone tall and artsy. Toby is interested in ballroom dancing and musicals. Did this date strike the right note? Or is this potential romance off-key? 

H0w was the date? Did you have a nice time?

Kibibi: I had a great time! Lots of laughs and good conversation, it was a really fun way to spend an evening.

Toby: Yes, and it was good chat too. But, as much as the world has got used to talking on Zoom – romance on Zoom will take longer to adjust to.

Any awkward moments?

Kibibi: Probably the set up at the start, sorting out whether our mics were on and the occasional Wi-Fi cut outs making it difficult to hear everything, I had to ask what instrument he played like five times.

Toby: We noticed straight away that both of us had a bottle of wine, it wasn’t awkward after that.

Second date in the future? 

Kibibi: I’d be up for a second date if he is, I think it’s easier to tell about a spark in person. We added each other on Facebook so I guess we’ll see how it goes?

Toby: We are planning to meet up.

Maisie, first year English Literature and Philosophy, and Bridie, second year Intermedia

Maisie and Bridie both want someone with a good sense of humour and maybe a bit weird. Did that find that with each other? Or were they just weirded out?

Did you have a nice time? 

Maisie: It was chill! The vibe was a combination of green tea and white wine.

Bridie: The date was really fun yeah, she had some really interesting hobbies so that helped – and I have my natural charisma and charms ;).

What did you guys talk about? 

Maisie: Communism, how to pronounce GIF, Grayson Perry, MBTI…good stuff!

Bridie: We talked about astrology, overthrowing capitalism, Just Dance, uni.

How was Zoom? Easier or harder? 

Maisie: In terms of conversation, it was probably the same on Zoom as it would be in person, but it was harder to gauge whether there was a spark.

Bridie: Much harder to gauge whether you’re into a person or not. Talking’s harder because you can’t really speak at the same time and I couldn’t hear what she was saying sometimes. Easier than going to a dinner date though.

Date number two?

Maisie: We’ve made plans to play Just Dance and Breath of the Wild, so we’ll see where it goes!

Bridie: I wouldn’t go on a second date with Maisie, but I wish her the best of luck finding someone in the future – she’s a catch, just not for me.

Nastya, third year History, and Calum, third year International Business Management

Nastya needs someone who is chatty enough to keep up with how much she talks. All Calum wants is someone who is confident and sporty. Did Calum say all the right things? Or is Nastya confident that this relationship is staying at one date?

Was it a good first date?

Nastya: Yeah, it wasn’t a bad first experience at a Zoom date! He was a lovely boy.

Calum: Yeah the date was fun and well organised.

How was the match? Any sparks? 

Nastya: I think he’s great and definitely sweet but I wouldn’t say he’s fully my type? But he definitely had a lot of traits I liked! It definitely went better than what I thought a first date on Zoom would go as, but I don’t think there was a spark.

Calum: Ehhh I wouldn’t say I really have a type to be fair but she’s definitely a nice girl. I’d say we got on well, yeah.

Would you see them again?

Nastya: As friends, sure!

Calum: I was promised the VIP tour of Bourbon so hopefully when it reopens I can have that chance, haha.

Fleur, third year Religious Studies, and Sammi, third year Astrophysics

Fleur says that her ideal guy is funny and spontaneous. Sammi wants someone with a bubbly personality and nice smile. Could Fleur win Sammi over? Or Did Sammi spontaneously decide that she wasn’t for him? 

Did you have a nice time? 

Fleur: The date was enjoyable and I enjoyed talking to him. The chat was good and it was nice getting to know him.

Sammi: Yeah the date was good, it was different because it was on Zoom but still good. Chat was pretty good as well, we got on quite well.

Was your date your type? 

Fleur: He’s not my usual type, but he is attractive so I wasn’t disappointed.

Sammi: Fleur is my type, yeah.

Date number two in the future?

Fleur: I’d be up for another potential date to see if there is a spark.

Sammi: Yeah I’d go on a second date, tbh.

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