Here’s how and where to get tested for COVID-19 in Edinburgh

Usher Hall is the closest walkable testing centre

Following the recent outbreak of students contracting the coronavirus, it is more important than ever to know how and where you can get tested.

Getting tested is nothing to be scared of. Despite the horror stories, it’s just a little tickle of the tonsils with a swab and then up a nostril. There’s really not as many people gagging and noses bleeding as you’d expect. Plus, everyone at the test site is super helpful and there to make the whole process easier.

So if you do need to get tested, these are your options in Edinburgh.

Usher Hall, walk-through testing site:

The walk-through site at Usher Hall offers pre-booked tests for those with coronavirus symptoms, with appointments being made available every day on the government website. This setting makes it easy for students to walk in and out of the testing centre in roughly 10 minutes, providing there is no queue.

You simply walk in, show your ID and appointment confirmation, before being guided to a booth where you are given the option to either read the instructions on a board in front of you, or be guided through the test by a qualified tester.

The test centre is 20 minute walk from Marchmont, 40 minute walk from Pollock and a 15 minute walk from New Town.

Edinburgh Airport, drive-through testing site:

The drive-through site is super easy to find as there’s clear signposting as soon as you leave the City Bypass. Four members of the same household can be registered for a test in the same vehicle. The site offers pre-booked tests on the government website, made available when you select the “I have a car or small van”option. You are directed by numerous officials into the correct bay, where you then follow the step-by-step guide given to you in your pack upon arrival.

The test centre is a 30 minute drive from Marchmont, Pollock Halls and New Town.

At home testing:

A home test can also be made available to those self-isolating by ordering one online, with next day delivery. The test comes packed up with a detailed step-to-step guide on how to self-administer the swab and a Royal Mail courier will arrive the next day to collect it and take it to the lab. You should expect to receive a text in 48 hours of your results. Typically this takes slightly longer than a walk-in or drive-in test.

For more information and up to date advice, visit NHS Scotland.

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