Usher Hall to open as COVID-19 testing centre

It’s due to open imminently

Usher Hall is set to open as a Coronavirus testing centre in Edinburgh city centre.

The testing centre will allow students studying at Edinburgh Uni to access COVID-19 tests by foot without the need for a car or public transport.

Previously students were being made to travel to the next nearest centre, Edinburgh Airport.

With Edinburgh Airport being a three hour walk from the city centre, students without a car were being forced to apply for at home testing.

Speaking to a fourth year Edi student who applied to an at home test, she told the Edinburgh Tab: “It was pretty difficult to get on to, the first few times we went on the website wasn’t working at all and then when we went through to get the home test it just kept saying none were available”.

She went on to say, “It’s so terrible if you don’t have a car there’s no way you’re getting tested”.

The Usher Hall testing centre comes following the need for a closer testing centre for students.

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