Ewing students in Pollock Halls all required to self-isolate

All food is being delivered to their doors

Students staying in Ewing in Pollock Halls are being required by the University to self isolate.

This comes following a number of positive cases among the student population.

All students at Edinburgh Uni received an email from VP Colm Harmon yesterday evening. It stated that “this applies to Ewing House only, and not to any other block of student accommodation at this point in time.”

A typical lunch in Pollock nowadays

“However it is a sobering reminder of the need for all of you to be vigilant regarding any Covid-19 symptoms and for all of you to follow the guidance on social distancing and household gatherings at all times.”

Students with symptoms of Covid are required to isolate for ten days and those without symptoms are required to isolate for fourteen days.

Students are being delivered individual food parcels which gives them their daily allowance of food.

A individual’s daily parcel of food

Speaking to a student self isolating in Ewing, they told the Edinburgh Tab, “I don’t understand why the food is so grim”. Students receive individual food parcels with very limited access to any hot meals, just soup that can be microwaved.

Students are unable to walk around Pollock Halls and may only leave their rooms to do laundry or put their bins out. They are also unable to leave their rooms to smoke.

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