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There’s an Edinburgh Uni playlist on Spotify and it’s pure shite

Alexa (don’t) play ‘Sounds of University of Edinburgh’

A Spotify playlist called Sounds of University of Edinburgh has been created by user The Sounds of Spotify Colleges. According to its description, the playlist includes 'crushes and discoveries' from the University of Edinburgh, 'according to student listening patterns and math'.

The playlist is made up of 50 songs and is over 3 hours long. It is also probaby one of the most disjointed, bizarre playlists ever, featuring artists from The Proclaimers (classic Scotland) to Loyle Carner, to Mella Dee.

#Edifess2475So Spotify’s made this playlist that supposedly contains the songs Edi students listen to and omg who tf is listening to Trail West and Skippinish on repeat??

Posted by Edifess on Sunday, November 24, 2019

The heavy Scottish influence on the playlist comes as no surprise considering we are, indeed, studying in Scotland, however, WHO actually listens to the likes of Loch Lomond – CD Version or Seonaidh The Water Spirit on their walk from Appleton Tower to Tesco Express?

Sounds of Edinburgh University appears to have been created on 11th October of this year, with the first song being added on that date. Many more tunes of an equally questionable nature have since been added.

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If you listen hard you can almost hear Sunshine on Leith being blasted from the fourth floor

User 'The Sounds of Spotify Colleges' has also made playlists for the likes of Cardiff, UCL, Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham, Birmingham and Sheffield Hallam. They have also made playlists for a number of US universities and colleges, including Arizona State Univeristy, Howard, Indiana, NYU, Penn State, Rutgers, UC Berkley, UCLA, UCF and UT Austin.

Very few tunes featured on the Edinburgh playlist will ever have seen the light of day in the likes of Jujus, Gazzas or even Subway Cowgate. This means either Edinburgh students listen to super creepy music at pres, or the 'math' was very poorly calculated. Fingers crossed it's more a case of the latter.

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Turning up to Caledonia

To give the playlist credit where it's due, the likes of Bellaire and Mella Dee being featured are quite justified considering the events that take place in clubs like Mash House and La Belle. The same goes for Scouting For Girls and Catfish for the Bottlemen whom the average student may well listen to regardless of which univeristy they attend.

However, these examples are negated by the simple feature of the like of David Tennant's Rendition of Sunshine on Leith for BBC Children in Need. Who on EARTH listened to that even once, let alone enough times for it to make the top 50.

For those wanting to check out the hot contender for weirdest playlist ever you can do so following this link. Good luck.

Photography credits: Neil Stewart, James Gourlay, David Wilkinson

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