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‘You merge into one person’: the inevitable aspects of living in a two-bedroom flat

It’s a married life for me

Moving from a five-bedroom flat into a cute little two-bedroom this year has been a big lifestyle change. It's rewarding, it's challenging, but most of all I wouldn't have it any other way.

If you live in a two-bedroom you will recognise all these inevitable aspects of your flat life. If you're looking to move into one next year, here's everything you can expect.

House-wifing for each other

A two-bedroom flat is essentially the most domestic you can get in a platonic relationship, and you will quickly feel like you've built a home with your flatmate.

Suddenly you're regularly cooking each other food, or leaving leftovers on the hob for when the other gets off work. Making each other breakfast or running errands for one another also becomes a regular occurrence.

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Some wholesome shit

Before you know it you're doing each other's dishes and folding each other's laundry all while wondering what you've turned into.

Knowing every aspect of each other's lives

Say goodbye to privacy; in a two-bedroom you will know everything about each other's lives. Suddenly there is someone who knows exactly how much TV you watch, how often you get a take-out and what all your worst habits are. Your life is now essentially their life.

You definitely know where your flatmate is at any and all times, and all the people they spend time with. Not only do you know every detail of their lives, but also that of their family, friends and pets.

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Forget it going unnoticed when you don't come home after a night out, or haven't changed your bed sheets in seven weeks. Anyone want to know exactly how long my flatmate showers, what her go-to hangover foods are or what podcasts she has been listening to lately? I'm your girl.

Slowly merging into the same person

Living with just one other person means you inevitably begin to merge into one person. We eat the same foods, watch the same TV, make the same jokes and go to the same places.

Four weeks into living together you and your flatmate will become a buy-one-get-one-free deal. Invited me to a party or over for coffee? Expect there to be a permanent plus-one.

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Not apart for a second

The sentence "I've had enough of you today" is uttered in the flat most days. At the same time, being apart for six hours will warrant going out for dinner for a detailed catch-up. Going without my flatmate for a day suddenly feels like a lifetime.

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Communal living

Living with only one other person means that nothing belongs to just you anymore. Sharing goes way beyond spices, milk and coffee. It now extends to your books, electronics and the entirety of your wardrobe. If my flatmate owns a leather skirt, this means that I now also own a leather skirt. This extends to hobbies, friends and parents – what is mine is now automatically also yours.

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Your friends are my friends, right?

Becoming a responsible adult

Living in a flat with multiple people, as I have previously done, comes with various benefits. One of the biggest of these is anonymity. When there are five people in one flat, nobody will ever know who didn't hang up a new toilet roll or left their dishes in the sink.

In a two-man this is very different, because if I didn't do it, then there is only one other person who could have. Now I have to be an adult and take responsibility for my actions. If I finish all the butter I have to buy a new one because my flatmate will know that it was me.

Love, security, and comfort

Living in a two-bedroom flat breeds extreme intimacy and involvement in one another's lives. Therefore, if you've decided to live in a two-bedroom you've probably decided to do so with one of your best mates. If you set up clear boundaries, divide house tasks and set aside quality time to spend together, you're bound to have some of the best times of your life.

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I love you to death

Life in a two-bedroom flat is a life of love, security and comfort; you live with someone who knows you better than you do yourself and who would do anything for you. When it comes to flatmates it is definitely quality over quantity and I couldn't recommend a two-bedroom flat more.