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Students at Edinburgh need to get a grip and stop buying plastic water bottles

You are the fucking problem

There is only one thing that makes a 9am lecture on a Thursday even worse – watching countless students pull out their single-use plastic water bottles. The extent to which this is still done and also socially acceptable is baffling, and needs to stop. It is 2019, not having a reusable bottle at this point is like still being homophobic or thinking climate change isn't real – outdated and backward. It is time to adjust and start making responsible, good decisions.

You're killing the planet

By now, society is aware of the massive issues facing the planet because of the amount of plastic waste being produced. Everyone has at least one environmentally-aware acquaintance who insistently shares articles and videos on Facebook about the dire situation our planet is currently in. Annoying as this may be, it is no joke, and everyone has to play their part. If you are unwilling to make the most simple changes, like not buying plastic bags and owning a reusable water bottle, you need re-evaluate what kind of person you are.

And don't give me some bullshit story about how you "reuse" your plastic bottles when I call you out on it – we both know that bottle won't last you for longer than a week tops.

You're wasting money

If you're a morally corrupt person who relies on single-use plastic water bottles to keep you hydrated throughout your life, you are literally wasting money. Let's say you buy three 85p water bottles a week – you're spending £132.60 on water every year. Not only are you killing the planet, but you are also spending money on water that you could be spending on VK. You can get good quality reusable water bottles for less than £10 – spend the money once and be done with it.

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There is no reason not to

Reusable bottles can be bought almost anywhere, in any size, shape, and design. They aren't expensive, and you can choose one that will be most practical for you. There are a million places to refill your bottle throughout the day, so having one means you always have water with you – and who can argue with that practicality? All you have to do is buy one and start using it.

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Get yourself a girl who looks at you the way I look at my Nalgene

So stop pretending it's 1980 and just buy yourself a reusable water bottle. You can even get one of those Chilly's bottles and fit in with every other white girl that goes to Edinburgh – what more could you want?

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