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Edinburgh’s new ‘Your Bike’ cycle hire scheme will make it easier than ever to get between Central and King’s

Annual passes are over £300 cheaper than a bus pass

Edinburgh's new 'Your Bike' scheme facilitates Boris-esque bike hire across the city, helping the city's transport system become a world front runner. Sure, the mere thought of hundreds of more cyclists on congested streets like South Bridge is enough to send bus drivers off their rocker, but the new scheme is actually a huge benefit to students across the city.

By the end of 2018 there will be 1,000 manual bikes for hire in the city, with electric bikes introduced in 2019. Prices have been set at £1.50 for one trip, £3 for a day pass, and just £75 for an annual pass – a much cheaper alternative to the £560 Lothian Bus pass.

The University of Edinburgh have confirmed you'll be able to pick up bikes from student hotspots such as Pollock Halls, George Square, and Bristo Square, and take them all the way to the far-away land of King's Buildings – if your legs can make it that far. For those living in the abyss of Beaverbank, Shrubhill or Murano, you can also pick up bikes from Elm Row and Canonmills.

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Imagine not having to fight for a lock space in the Meadows ever again

The initiative will also aid those who may not be able to afford the downpayment of a bike, providing swift and easy transport across the city as needed.

Don't forget your helmets, folks!