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If the Pollock Halls houses had Tinder profiles this is what they would look like

Put a (signet) ring on it

Freshers' Week is finally coming to a close. Pollock freshers have probably necked it on with about 17 people at this point – 16 of whom they'll never see again, and one who is unfortunately in their History of Art tutorial. Happens to us all.

However, the fun and games are over and it's time to hit up Tinder, limit the distance to 2km, and find the William to your Kate – Edinburgh edition.

Chancellor's Court

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Like the sound of nights spent spooning in a double bed enveloped in Egyptian cotton bed linen? Look no further.

Grant House

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Swipe right to make your love their drug

Holland House

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Yes – a Chancellor’s resident was your first choice, but Holland will do just fine for the meantime

Baird House

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Bagging a Baird boy or bird comes with the prerequisite of being from the house yourself

John Burnett House

Not entirely convinced anyone actually lives here, so if anyone intrigued by the mystery has any success please let us know

Ewing House

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Rumour has it that even their talking dirty consists of hostel horror stories

Lee House

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Who wouldn't want to wake up to the smell of JMCC waffles?

Turner House

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No en suite? *Swipes left*