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Scotland says goodbye to cheap booze as the new minimum price is introduced

Tennent’s lager will be affected by the minimum price

A new law has been instated in Scotland today, whereby drinks are priced based on how many units of alcohol they contain.

The government aim to save lives with this new law, by decreasing the amount of alcohol abuse which occurs in Scotland.

The drinks that will see the biggest price hikes are high-strength white cider, as well as cheap own-brand vodka.

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The law is a response to the fact that a two-litre bottle of strong cider contains more than the weekly recommended limit for alcohol, and costs as little as £2.50. Drinks such as this will see a climb to £7.50 at the very least.

It doesn't stop here, some cheap wines and multi-pack beers will also see a increase of up to £3. Well-known brand names such as Tennent's lager would be affected by the minimum price.

The new law is deemed to be a significant step in tackling Scotland's "unhealthy relationship" with alcohol. The Scottish government claims it will save 58 lives in the first year and reduce hospital admissions by 1,300.

Dr Christine Goodall, of Medics Against Violence, told BBC Scotland that more than 80 per cent of assault victims in hospital emergency departments had been drinking, as had the people who had assaulted them.

She added: "Young people will start drinking at an early age and inevitably they don't have a lot of money to do that. So they are probably drinking the cheap alcohol. It will make that much more expensive."