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Those grim big bottles of cider will be priced at £11.99 by law in Scotland from May 1st

Our condolences to all the 2 litre boys out there


On May 1st 2018, Scotland’s new 50p minimum alcohol unit price will come into effect. This will see the average price of sparkling wine and perry increasing by 116 per cent, but more devastatingly the price of cider will rise by 90 per cent.

The minimum price of 50 pence-per-unit has been set in order to tackle alcohol abuse and alcohol related deaths in Scotland, with 1,265 alcohol related deaths in Scotland in 2016.

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Martin O’Connell, an associate director at IFS said: “Heavy drinkers, when buying alcohol in supermarkets and off-licences, tend to choose products that are cheaper per unit than more moderate drinkers. A minimum unit price would therefore target a higher share of the units that heavy drinkers buy. However, the policy will lead to substantial increases in alcohol prices that will also impact on many moderate drinkers.”

This change will see the 310cl bottle of Frosty Jack's increasing in price by 90 per cent, rising to over £11, while it is currently priced at £3.50.

The two litre boy's legacy is certainly in jeopardy. And for those of you out there who are Lambrini fiends, that will also see a price increase to £5.60.