BREAKING: EUSA just dropped Big Cheese merchandise

Would you cop?

Do you want everyone to know that you queue up over an hour every week to listen to your Year 8 school disco playlist? Did you ever dream of repping what could be considered the most controversial night in Edinburgh – that we all love to hate and hate to love?

Well, never fear – EUSA have just announced that they are dropping Big Cheese merchandise.

Fresh exclusive

Starting at just £8 (about the price of a meal at Teviot) you can cop your very own Big Cheese garms. These are perfect for 8pm Cheese pres with the boys while you’re all getting sloshed on Orange VKs shouting along to some Cascada.

Or maybe a Big Cheese bag for your fluorescent sick at the end of the night? Even better, a Big Cheese cap so you can navigate the sticky floors of Prow in style.

Go, EUSA, go. Forget your Gap hoodies and Juicy tracksuits – we’re only looking towards the future with these.