Edinburgh business exam fiasco as examiner’s phone goes off mid-exam

Do they get disqualified?

Students in a third year Business School exam were distracted and annoyed after the phone of an INVIGILATOR went off in the middle of the exam.

The phone went off fifteen minutes into a Management of Technology exam before the examiner sheepishly silenced her phone. The annoyance of the students didn’t end there though as they were all forced to stay in the hall for more than fifteen minutes after the exam had ended, due to the examiners briefly losing a student’s paper.

Third year Charlotte Parsonson who took the exam said: “Exam invigilators are actually the worst. One of their phones went off in my exam, and then they lost part of someone’s paper and made us wait for fifteen minutes after the exam whilst they tried to find it.”

The exam took place at Thomson’s Land

She continued: “The phone was vibrating very loudly and the invigilator seemed to not even realise it was hers for about eight to ten rings. People obviously started looking around and it clearly broke a lot of people’s concentration as we had just started properly getting into two major essays.  She then had to rummage into her pocket of her coat at the front of the exam to get it out and turn it off.

“It was so distracting.”

Charlotte wasn’t the only one unhappy with the invigilator. Francesca Adkins told The Tab: “It was very annoying having a phone going off a few minutes into the exam. It was really distracting.”