Robbie Travers says his legal costs have been paid for, but these are all the people who definitely haven’t covered them

He has not recovered any legal costs and damages from any party


Everybody's favourite opinionated law student, Robbie Travers, has caused yet more controversy on Facebook. Travers is now claiming that the legal costs caused by an investigation into a complaint against him by the university have been covered.

But by who?

All parties involved in the investigation have refuted covering the costs of the investigation, despite Robbie heavily implying that the uni had made a confidential payment to him, under a NDA arrangement.

Naturally, Facebookers took to his status to ask who the legal costs might have been recovered from.

It was not from any media publications who wrote about him. Buzzfeed and The Tab Edinburgh both ran pieces showing that Travers was never investigated for 'mocking ISIS', whilst the New Statesman posted an article claiming that Travers' claims were widely published because they fitted in with right-wing media narratives.

A BuzzFeed representative said: "Robbie Travers has not been in touch since the publication of the piece. BuzzFeed is unaware of any legal action."

Another publication to write against him was the New Statesman. Writer Ido Vock told The Tab: "Obviously he never sued me for my article or recovered costs from me."

With the media out of the question, this left Esme Allman and the University of Edinburgh as the possible backers of his champagne lifestyle.

We approached Allman to see if she had paid for his legal costs and damages.

A representative of Allman reached out to us and said:

"We have not paid anything to Robbie."

Esme Allman then told The Tab: "You have all of the confirmation that I have paid no costs. None. This entire thing was free."

This left the University of Edinburgh as the only identifiable remaining party who might have covered the costs.

Robbie alluded throughout the comments that it might be the university but that he had to be silent as part of a non-disclosure agreement.

A University of Edinburgh spokesperson refuted this statement, saying:

"We have a transparent and well-established process for investigating allegations of misconduct by students. We have not paid out for any costs incurred by any parties involved in this case."

Those on Facebook, frustrated with Robbie's claims that he had recovered costs and would put it towards Saville Row suits and expensive champagne, were vocal about what Robbie had to say.

The Tab got in touch with Robbie and he claims that there is an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and has therefore refused to comment on the matter.

So The Tab, New Statesman, Buzzfeed, The University of Edinburgh and Esme Allman haven't covered Travers' legal fees even though he's implied that they have been covered by one of the parties in the 'mocking ISIS investigation'.

Some have suggested that Robbie might have received funding from a third-party donor but, of course, this is just speculation.