Clubbers of the Week

For one week only- the hero of the week is a legit superhero

Despite the looming threat of the library-mercenaries, Edi students ditched the revision and ringed in the bank holiday by doing what they do best; strawpedoing VKs and boogieing with Captain America on George Street.

You know the drill by now… it’s Clubbers of the week.

 Stunner of the Week

when you’re low-key an abercrombie model

Runners Up


Creeper of the Week

*no caption needed*

Runners Up

“Ohhh haii”

let me smell you

oddly, the dude in the background isn’t the creep (public groping is not acceptable)

Wanker of the Week

a trio of wankers

Runners Up

when yo prosecco so cute

Mutant of the Week

“Guys look how far i can bend my elbow”

Runners Up

zoom in on the chick in the background

Wtf of the Week

did you know if you put the glass to your ear you can hear the ocean?

Runners Up


why so angry dude?

when you want to be Italian SO bad

Unhappy Clubber of the Week

this is the secret XMEN calling signal

Runners  Up

“is this what my life has come to”


Hero of the Week



Damn Gina

Runners Up

From L to R; the low budget Scottish version of Howard, Gary, Jason, Mark and Robbie

Heroine of the Week

so much sass in one pic

Runners Up

Sporty spice

Ginger spice (ye i know her hair is pink)

Album Cover of the Week

imma barbie girl in a barbie world

Best of the Rest

when you got your Dream Dome wedding…kinda

“can i leave yet?”

Photography Credits

Rascals x Bourbon, Milk – David Wilkinson // EMPIRICAL

Flare x Why Not- Ben Glasgow

BROKE  @ CAV – Ben Glasgow