Northern Lights to appear over Edi tonight

No need to trek to Norway

The gloomy weather will hopefully dissipate tonight and give Edinburgh front row tickets to the Aurora Borealis as it makes is way across the capital. The Northern Lights, which occur when solar wind particles collide with air molecules in the earth’s atmosphere and transfer their energy into light, are pretty beautiful when seen live.

While English counties like Yorkshire and Northumberland have had glimpses of the lights last week, they made their way to Edinburgh and the Lothians last night, as stargazers report.

The lights will be making their second appearance in twelve months tonight as they were spotted in Edinburgh last march so hopefully they will make an annual appearance.

front row views right from our windows (Credit: Sophie Waters)

This is great news for Edi students who don’t want to pay up to £200 for the sixteen hour train from Oslo to  Tromsø to see the light display in Norway.

The lights are best seen from high vantage points such as Carlton Hill and Arthur’s Seat. Enjoy.

(Featured image credit: Sarah White)